Jacob Wood

What I'm Doing Now

Charity Entrepeneuship Incubation Program

I am preparing to start a cost-effective charity with the help of the wonderful people at Charity Entrepreneurship. The intensive program started at the end of June and two months later I should be (fingers crossed) co-founding a charity! It is an exciting program and has so far been unbelievably rewarding.

Expanding Intellectual Horizons

I am trying to round out my rather technical education into something that encourages a more comprehensive view of the world. I recently participated in a reading group with the Catherine Project where we read Tocqueville's Democracy in America. A small group of friends at home is continuing in the spirit of the group with regular "book" club meetings, where we attempt to wax philosophical about the ideas out there in the world.

Living in San Diego

My wonderful wife, our dog Daisy, and I recently moved to a neighborhood in Tierrasanta, San Diego. I currently like to spend my free time playing pickup active team sports like soccer, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee.




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