Jacob Wood

Mystique April 2023

A short story for book club.

NFL Playoff Bracket Competition [in work] January 2023

Building a tool to predict friend's behavior and optimize our chance at winning the 2023 playoff bracket competition.

2022 Christmas Giving Game December 2022

Details on conducting, and the results of, our 2022 Christmas gift.

Experiential Neutral Point [in work] August 2022

Conducting a survey and analyzing the results to try to determine the experiential neutral point.

Stridle March 2022

Building a Wordle clone for running strides.

Blogroll Graph February 2022

Mapping the connections of the blogosphere.

Card Shuffle Analysis January 2022

Investigating if my shuffling conforms to the common wisdom that says 7 shuffles is enough to randomize a deck of cards.

FastCasts January 2022

Adding sped up podcasts to a Garmin watch.

2021 Christmas Giving Game December 2021

Details on conducting, and the results of, our 2021 Christmas gift.

Paul Erdos Checkerboard Problem November 2021

Working through a quick math-ish tiling problem.

Wedding Photobooth September 2021

Design and construction of a photobooth for our wedding.

Wedding Graphic Design September 2021

Design of the graphics at our wedding.

Disc Golf Tracking August 2021

Design and implementation of a disc golf shot and statistics tracking system.

Superbowl Squares August 2021

Analysis of optimal strategy for the Superbowl squares betting game.

Crossword January 2021

Construction of a themed 21x21 crossword.

Birdie Brigade Map November 2020

Design and build of my dad's Christmas present.